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Sturgeon come and go from the Columbia, often on their way to feed in estuaries up and down the coast. One of their favorite feeding grounds is in the Columbia estuary itself, which has plenty of shrimp, worms, bait fish and other food sources sturgeon like. While some sturgeon anglers hit the estuary every year, especially before the harvest restrictions were set, Henkel said this is more of an occasional fishery for him. Best Spots to Catch Sturgeon in the Columbia Estuary

ASTORIA, Ore. (AP) — Fisherman looking to land a white sturgeon on the lower Columbia River will get several days to make the attempt starting in May. The Daily Astorian reports Oregon and May 27, 2017 · Eight days of sturgeon retention are proposed for June in the Columbia River estuary. It would be the first retention fishery in the lower Columbia since 2013. The poachers had harvested 1.65 tons of caviar from nearly 2,000 white sturgeon that were poached from the Columbia River. The caviar was estimated to be worth around $2 million. WDFW busted another ring in 2003, and conducted an undercover sting operation in 2006-2007 that resulted in 17 successful attempts out of a total of 19. Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing. In May, the Columbia River Sturgeon season begins. Some years the ODFW announces a short keeper season in Astoria to kick off the season. Wrangling some big fish and being able to take home your catch makes for a fun day. People flock to from all over the country to take part in sturgeon fishing at the coast. Dec 19, 2013 · Sturgeon rules set for Columbia River SAL Catch-and-keep sturgeon fishing will open Jan. 1 as scheduled in the Bonneville Pool on the Columbia River seven days a week until Jan. 19 for the first

There is a problem with White Sturgeon in the middle and upper reaches of the Columbia River, and it won’t be solved quickly. It’s not that the sturgeon are absent or even declining but that there aren’t many wild, juvenile fish, Jason McLellan of the Colville Confederated Tribes told the Council at a meeting in Spokane this month.

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Sturgeon Below Bonneville Dam, the Department collaborates with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to conduct annual stock assessments of the lower Columbia River white sturgeon population. A population status update is presented annually to the commission during the winter months. Recent data suggests an increase in the

25.04.2017 The lower Columbia River has been closed to sturgeon retention since 2014 due to concerns about population status. The number of legal-sized sturgeon has been increasing since then. In February, angler groups asked the fish and wildlife commissions from both states to investigate the possibility of reopening the fishery. Columbia River Sturgeon fishing is the most awesome fresh water fishing experience without a doubt! Book a fishing trip you won't soon forget with Captain Rusty Hubbard! 509-953-9666

Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing. Lewis and Clark Guide Service is Oregon’s leading locally guided and owned sturgeon fishing service. Our guided sturgeon fishing trips operate year round for catch and release while oversize sturgeon fishing charters run between May and July.

An annual limit of two white sturgeon, regardless of where they are caught, will also be in effect. The mainstem Columbia River remains open for catch-and-release sturgeon fishing. Information Contact: Region 5, Olaf Langness; 360-696-6741. Fishers must have a current Washington fishing license, appropriate to the fishery. HOOD RIVER — Anchored atop a deep Columbia River hole upstream of Bonneville Dam, guide Bill Monroe Jr. puts together a sturgeon cocktail. A 7-year-old smelt fresh from his freezer is thawed

Fishing starts in May for the great white Sturgeon. I fish on the Columbia River below Bonneville Dam,on the dead line which is a few miles down river from the fishery. I like to fish in about 50 feet of water, the river is moving fast this time of year so be extra careful, have plenty of rope out.

Jan 25, 2012 · It was his 17th day this month of guiding on the Bonneville pool of the Columbia River in pursuit of sturgeon. Five customers were waiting at the Drano Lake ramp ready to tolerate frigid The water is fast here,And if you have the guts for the heavy water you will find plenty of sturgeon here,Beware of barge traffic. Now a few miles down the Columbia river to marker 85 which is known as the deadline in the summer.The water is still fast but slower than the deadline. August 2, 2008 Oversized Sturgeon on Oregon's/Washington's Columbia river View full size Randy L. Rasmussen, The Oregonian White sturgeon's numbers are rapidly declining, and a catch limit on sport and commercial fishing in the lower Columbia River is expected to be Apr 17, 2018 · Sturgeon fishery set in Columbia River estuary downstream from Wauna powerlines. Action: Allows a limited recreational retention fishery for white sturgeon in the Columbia River estuary. White sturgeon from 44-inches minimum to 50-inches maximum fork length may be retained.